A Yacht the biggest world's yacht in Venice

22 – 24th September, the world’s largest yacht, owned by the 90th richest man in the world, Andrey Melnicenko, docked In Venice. Melnicenko’s net worth is estimated at $13.4 billion by Forbes.

The yacht is 143 meters long, with three masts 91 meters high, which is higher than London’s Big Ben. Estimated at about $500 million, the yacht was built in 2017. The yacht has eight floors, one of the decks serves as a helipad. The ship also has two diesel and two electric engines. Exterior and interior are designed by Philippe Starck. The vessel offers accommodation to up to 20 guests as well as a crew of 54 across her eight floor. On the yacht is also an underwater observation pod and a large swimming pool with a retractable roof located towards the bow of the boat. She is also equipped with a helipad. Bulletproof windows and 40 security cameras are a matter of course.

According to available information, a Russian billionaire dined at the Do Forni restaurant, which was also visited in the past by Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Melnichenko also owns the $300 million motor yacht A, Boeing 737 private jet as well as properties around the world, as for example penthouse in New York City. He lives with his wife Aleksandra, former model and pop star from Serbia. On their luxury wedding in the south of France in 2005, sang Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera.


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